Wednesday, 14 October 2020

Button Daisy


Just love this quote 

Autumn, the year’s last Loveliest Smile.

Autumn is one of the colourful seasons I absolutely love all the colours of the trees and not forgetting the crisp frosted mornings, the nights drawing in all cosy indoors .

For this card I have used 

Autumn quotes 

Button & Daisy Chrysanthemums 

Foliage & Ladybugs ( eucalyptus )

S.B Oval Regalia

S.B A2 Bracket Borders One 

This card just brightens up the the day as they get shorter .

For those in America you can buy straight from S.B 

In England you can buy from HixxySoft.

Happy Thursday.

Stay safe everyone.

Much love as always 

Martine xx