Sunday 16 March 2014

Changing rooms

Hi Dahlings 
What a Beautiful Spring day again ,I do think that Spring has sprung .
I haven't done a card this week as my lovely hubby Dave ,has been getting ready my new craft room ,I was down stairs and we paid a man £800 to build me new cupboards ,which look beautiful I might add .
But because it was down stairs every one just piled in my room and I could not get on .
So I have gone back up stairs ,but most of my gear is down stairs as its only an 8x12 room .
I still have to get a few cupboards but I have shelving up and my craft desk is up there with my Machines ,card etc .
So it might be up and down those stairs a lot ,but I do wonder how much will stay up stairs ,ha ha ha .
So we will have to wait and see.
But Wednesday we leave for the NEC ,which I love so much ,one of my favourite Shows .
So crafting has taken a back seat this week ,and boy oh boy do I miss it .
I hope you have a wonderful week and soon as I'm back I will be posting again .
Take care Big Hugs 


  1. So where will your new craft room ultimately be? LOL The new cupboards sound so pretty! have fun! hugs, de

  2. Looking forward to seeing piccies. See you at the NEC.
    Linda xxx

  3. I can totally feel for you with nothing in the right place! But your new space sounds great. Would love to join you at the NEC but it's not to be......have a wonderful time. See you in June.


    Karen xxx