Saturday, 12 September 2020

Happy news

 Hi everyone,

I have put some really happy exciting news for you I am still dancing on the ceiling , The wonderful talented Susan Tierney Cockburn Has invited me to be on her DT team .

Say I am happy is an understatement as you know my love for flowers has always been my first love , so this position is perfect for me.

I have used Susan die’s for a number of years and I have always followed Susan on her weekly fb lives on a Wednesday afternoon, ( Susan’s Garden Club ) I have learned so much from this lovely lady.

You really should watch it’s so relaxing but your learning at the same time.

And you might get a glimpse of Harper 😂😂

I will be working with some great ladies on the DT ,




Do pop over to check out this new release from Susan,

I will be a couple of weeks behind the other team but I will soon catch up.

A few of my makes for you to enjoy 

See you all soon

Martine x


  1. Wonderful makes as always Martine... I will look forward to following your next adventure with interest xxxx

  2. So so happy for you Martine....congratulations.....lotsa love 💖 Ursula...xx

  3. Congratulations that is amazing news. Take care. Hugs Jackie

  4. Wow! Congratulations, Miss Ab Fab Martine! (giggle) - I'm so happy for you, and for Susan to be gaining such an enthusiastic, talented crafter! Thanks for sharing your happiness with us! xx

    1. Your so kind Donna with your comments,
      Looking forward to starting with the wonderful dies and stamps from Susan xx

  5. Congratulations Martine, can't wait to see all of the beautiful creations that you make with the dies.

    Sue xx

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