Sunday 12 July 2015


Hi Dahlings
Welcome Ingrid from Hamburg hope you will enjoy my crafty corner .
Well all back from my girlie week away with my Daughter ,we had a great  time ,she is like a little door mouse always sleeping on the sun loungers ,apart from having a wrestle with the umbrella when it fell on her ,shouldn't have laughed but it did happen twice lol lol .

For this card i have used
S.B Mary Border
S.B Garden Blooms 
Bow made using the Zutter Bow Maker 

For the flowers 

 I Spayed each flower with water
 I Wrapped the petals round my Ball Tool ,or a pencil
 Then i pinched the petals  half way down
 Let them dry ,or if you are in a rush blast with a heat gun
 Just run the Ball tool on the edges to curve the edges over
 Turn over run the ball tool over in the middle .
Adhere together then i ink the edges with a small ink pad ramble the give a more natural effect
Thank you all so much for popping by today ,
Have a great Week end .
Much Love
Martine xxxx


  1. Hi Martine so pleased you enjoyed your time with Tara, now back to the grind. Love the flowers you make, you always make them come alive and this is no exception, gorgeous. hugs June Smith xxx

  2. Martine welcome home and glad you had a lovely week away. Thanks for the step by step on your flowers, I always have flower envy when I visit as they are always stunning!
    Linda xxx

  3. Glad you had a fab break! This is beautiful, and the tutorial is ab brilliant!
    So clear instructions and great photos! Thank you 😊
    Debs xx

  4. Martine glad you had a great time with Tara.
    Beautiful card and fab tut..
    Hugs Pam x

  5. Hallo
    What love Card and tut.
    Is there any good craft shop in Hamburg, i visted Hamburg NeXT week?
    And have you some name and Adress.
    Hugs Joan Denmark

  6. Hi Joan
    No I do t no of any ,but in September we are doing a craft show in Belgium xxx