Wednesday 14 October 2020

Button Daisy


Just love this quote 

Autumn, the year’s last Loveliest Smile.

Autumn is one of the colourful seasons I absolutely love all the colours of the trees and not forgetting the crisp frosted mornings, the nights drawing in all cosy indoors .

For this card I have used 

Autumn quotes 

Button & Daisy Chrysanthemums 

Foliage & Ladybugs ( eucalyptus )

S.B Oval Regalia

S.B A2 Bracket Borders One 

This card just brightens up the the day as they get shorter .

For those in America you can buy straight from S.B 

In England you can buy from HixxySoft.

Happy Thursday.

Stay safe everyone.

Much love as always 

Martine xx


  1. Hi this is such a beautiful card. Take care. Hugs Jackie

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