Thursday 19 November 2015

New Toys

Hi Dahlings 
Thank you for popping in today ,I have some great new toys to show you.
Spellbinders Platium Machine ,what can I say about this Machine 
Well I have every Machine there is ,this Machine comes with the small plates ,rubber mat and embossing Plate ,only small plates you say ,well yes so that way it's not so much turning,and we don't always need large plates all the time.
But the Beauty of this Machine you can use all your plates from your Grand Calibur ,embossing plate ,the Rasberry plate for your deep embossing g Folders etc .
It takes all dies that are on the market and embossing folders.
I cannot find a blank spot in this machine it cuts with one pass in the middle of the plates.
When you turn the handle it's so smooth and does not jump or slide around the Table ,unlike some of the other ones on the Market.
It's a beautiful design white with like a Rose gold Handel ,and wrighting .
Marks out of 10 for this Machine is 10 .
Now for the Misti 
Stands for the 
Most Incredible Stamp Tool Invented .
Is it I here you say  well yes I think it is.
My Daughter is getting married next July all the invations are done now ,hard work getting them all the same ,but with the Misti they will be identical.(wish I had this a few months ago ) 
You cut your card to the size you won't place it over the grid paper ,put your magnets on your card ,place your stamp on the stamping side ink it up and fold it over and stamp ,and repeat and repeat.
If you don't ink it up enough first time and you don't have a full impression re ink and stamp again and it will go exactly over your first image .
You even coverage every time ,no rocking like a block ,no ink on your card only on your image .
It's great for doing mirror images ,stamps that have Dies ,the list is endless.
Oyster Stamps have them at £49.99 .first shipment gone out 2 nd shipment next Tuesday .
3rd Shipment first week in December .
Do I like the Misti ,no I love the Misti .

Well I hope that helps if you need any more information please email me .
Thank you so much for popping in today .
Have a great weekend.
Much love 
Martine xxxx


  1. Thank you for sharing Martine hun, seriously thinking about getting the new Spellbinder machine and after your comments one of my first purchases next month :) Loving the look of Misti but will have to wait until after Christmas.
    Linda xxx

  2. Hi Martine, been playing with my Misti tonight! brilliant think I`ll love this..
    Hugs Pam x

  3. Hi Martine, it is wonderful to see the new Platinum machine and Misti here and to get your recommendation, it means a lot to us crafters, it is something that Father Christmas might bring with him for me on the 25th.......well I can dream can't I.

    Stay safe, healthy and happy, hugs, June Smith xxx

  4. Hi Martine
    Please could you do a post with all the sandwiches for the platinum using the GC plates, pretty please xx

  5. Good reviews, thank you and I Iove my MISTI too !
    E xxxx

  6. Morning Martine, thanks for the info on both these items. My GC is still working ok, but I did decide that once it breaks I would go for something different that would cut all over, not just at the sides. Never seen the misti but would be very useful for batch cards. Janice xxx