Tuesday 23 July 2013

Guest Designer

Hi Dahling
Just thought i would do a quick post .
As most of you no i really love using the Quietfire Design Stamps that we sell at Oyster Stamps well , Quietfire have asked me to be a guest Designer in October .
I am so pleased to be joining the Team for a month ,i can not wait .
I must get my thinking cap on to come up with some thing good .
Please visit there blog it is awesome http://quietfirecreationsblogspot.co.uk
Right must get back to work .
Have a lovely evening
Big Hugs xxx


  1. Woohoo, congratulations hun, I look forward to seeing what amazing piece of work you create.

    Linda xxx

  2. Ab fab news and so well deserved!x

  3. We so happy to have you Martine! Your work is awesome!

  4. Congrats! I already saw your mention of them (hadn't known about them before) and I now have two sets on order!

  5. Woop Woop!!! Congratulations Martine, you so deserve this and more, your work never fails to give me joy and inspire me, I am so happy for you. Onwards and upwards Yay!!!

    Big Hugs Jan xxx

  6. So deserved Martine. I've been a fan of Quietfire stamps for several years and they only get better. I know what you'll come up with will be amazing as usual.


    Karen xxx

  7. Congratulations, Martine! They make beautiful calligraphy stamps, and they are also very lucky to have you guest designing! hugs, de

  8. OOh, lovely! Congrats on being appointed as guest designer twice in one week!