Wednesday 24 October 2018

John next door range

Lovely  sunny day here in Rochester today ,
Post today is of the
John next door Range The Lantern.
I just love this Lantern and will be using it all year round , but for this one  I have used it for Christmas.
I have made this one doing a rust technique, I remember my nan having an old Lantern in her garden when I was a young girl, and at Christmas she used to go and get some holly and twigs and put it in the Lantern and place it at the front door, it didn't have much glass in it as it got smashed over the years but she made it look so Christmassy, so this is where I got the idea from, My Nan .

John Lockwood  will be back on Hochanda on the 6th November with the Lantern And the Poinsettia using the Foam.
This is back in stock at the


  1. WOW darling this is stunning. I hope you are well.
    Linda xxx

  2. Very pretty Martine, love the flower:0)

  3. Beautiful Work here, Doll. Just lovely - bet your Nan was too xx