Monday 24 February 2014

A Little Box

Hi Dahlings 
Well check me out ,I'm doing so many different crafting ideas at the moment ,well you can get a bit stale doing the same thing ,so this is even more out my comfort zone .
I went to a work shop with the very clever Karen Clare and done this box using  Bitumen .
What fun I had ,but I had to put my trade mark on it ,BLING just a hint .
If you have the chance to go to Karens work shop I recommend it 
Have a good week 
Big Hugs xxx


  1. Wow Martine this really is different for you, something I think we will have to try at some stage. xxxx

  2. Martine!!!
    I'm totally in awe of this masterpiece, I love how you've made this technique work with you own style.
    The bling and the flower make it even more stunning.
    Can't wait to see what you do with the mirror ;-)
    I need to do flowers like this!!! xXx

  3. Oooh! looks fab dahling! Glad you enjoyed the day - we really are travelling outside our comfort zones aren't we!! See you soon x

  4. Stunning work Martine I'm going to Karen's workshop in Coventry/Warwick. Can't wait! x

  5. Oh this is fab!! I went to Karen's first workshop where we did this, and loved the results.....unfortunately couldn't make this last one :( Can I ask what the silvery metallic material's lovely, delicate and blingy at the same time!! xx

  6. WOW Martine this is fantastic! Love the gorgeous design and the flower and bling looks fabulous!

  7. Hi Martine,
    Oh your box is just gorgeous! I love it! I'm glad you added your trademark of a abit of bling and a flower because it wouldn't be a true 'Martine design' without it! Exquisite.

    Love Sheila xx

  8. Wow Martine - this is absolutely gorgeous! Isn't bitumen a type of tar?????Absolutely love all the different textures on it. Off to have a look to see about Karen's workshops. Looking forward to catching up on Friday.


    Karen xxx

  9. Wow looks great almost metallic....very intrigued as to how you achieved this look , will have to look out Karen's workshops.....where does she hold them?

  10. Ohhh, Martine! How beautiful this is. It looks like treasure should be found inside! GORGEOUS! hugs, de